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And the most magical time of the year arrived: Christmas! Full of good things, love, hope, family and many delights (hmmm), parties and of course, Christmas' decor.

Did you know that in Germany, every January there is a big Christmas fair to show the trends of home decor for next Christmas? It's the Christmas World. While we're storing the holidays'decor, there is a group of manufacturers and exhibitors that are already showing as will be our next Christmas! 

And for this 2015, in the last January they bet on some trends for our Season celebrations. As in fashion, the use of handcrafted are up for Christmas decorations. Also the use of more sober colors such as gold, silver and nude give a lot of sophistication and elegance in time to decorate the house.

But what about how to decorate the Christmas tree? First choose the style that most identity with the family. Can be a very colorful tree, with several elements, such as bows, toys, balls. Or can also be neutral, with a choice of specific tones and following the same pattern. And the time to assemble it is important to start with the lights, from them is that we begin to fill in the spaces and we can have an idea how it will be when ready. The decorations can (and should) vary in size to give movement to the tree, a tip is to start hanging the largest and continue in a range of size from largest to smallest, so we can balance better and fill all the corners.

The rest of the House also deserves to be decorated. Sideboards and tables can receive some elements such as mini Christmas pine trees, Santa ornaments composed of balls and bushes, scented candles complement the Christmas atmosphere of the House. The toilette is also part of the decoration, Santa Claus toilet paper is a charm. And we can't forget the front door of the House, we can decor it with a beautiful Garland! It's the perfect welcome for your guests get into the magic of Christmas.

But the main tip for getting perfect is to gather the family to put it all together and put a lot of love on each ornament.

Ah, more posts with Christmas decor coming soon ... ;)

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