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As a marketing professional, all things that I organize need a concept, a visual identity. So, in our wedding it wouldn’t be different.


The choice of a wedding concept is based in the couple preferences: hobbies, characteristic, lifestyle, etc. Andrei and I are a traveler couple. Whether on business or pleasure we are always going to be traveling, on a trip or coming back from some. And, in all these trips we brought on luggage many friends who attended our wedding. Then, the concept  chosen was, also, a way to honor them.


Who helped us to create our monogram and our whole visual identity was the talented designer Saimon Bernardes, from Papetier. We asked to Saimon to create something based on our trips. Something that was playful and elegant at the same time, and to run away from the ordinary. The colors chosen were green and off-white. So Saimon suggested a hot air ballon. We utterly loved it! It was elegant, playful and magic.


We used the ballon in many pieces of our wedding decor. You can see below.



































Our save the date, was a beautiful virtual luggage tag. 
























At the Church, the guests received a handkerchief for their tears of joy, with our monogram and a message.























The invitation for ours bridesmaids and groomsmen  was a travel kit, with a mask and a pillow, made by my mom in a sophisticated fabric with the initials of bridesmaids/groomsmen embroidered and our monogram on the label.



































For the table holders we used postcards, with pictures of the cities that we have visited and with a cute handwritten message for the guests. The postcards were trimmed by two different cardholders a ballon and a "love sign”. 















The napkin rings were made in silver leather designed with our monogram.


















For the menu we created a passport - my favorite item! 


















The wedding favors were a metal luggage tag, in a silk bag, with a thank you card.


All the pieces were written in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

















The only thing that we would want the most tradicional possible was the wedding invitation. And it was amazing. We chose the Italian paper Markatto Concetto Naturale 240 g, with dry relief in Monogram and cut to fit the nozzle of the envelope flap. The envelope was sealed with a golden metal plate. And to the invitation the same paper with triple weight and relief cushion. The whole invitation was written in gold.


















We also customized the groomsmen ties with our monogram.
















After the wedding we sent to all guests a virtual personalized thank you card.


















I encourage you to spend some time thinking about these details. These delicate touches that transform your party into something unique and unforgettable!




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