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I always used to hear that if I wanted to marry in a specific date, church and club, I would need to make a reservation 2 years before. So when, in December 2013,  Andrei asked to get married with me, I thought this was going to happen two years later only. But, Andrei would want "say I do" as soon as possible, in 2014! I was very excited and at the same time a little bit worried about the short time to organize all things and to find my preferred Church and Club available in  our chosen date.

But, I took a breath and remembered that I’m a very positive person and I believe that when you want a lot one thing, all the universe conspires for you. So with this mood we went to meet Paula, our wedding planner, to check the availability of the Church and the Club. And, for our happiness in only one call, everything was solved! We got the date, the Church and the Club! So, I encourage you always to follow your heart, because if you believe, you can. And, please, don’t believe in everything that you hear when you are organizing your wedding. A thousand people will put their fingers in your wedding planning, take care about them and keep yourselves focused in your dream.





You need to choose a date that you be able to organize all the ceremony and reception. Usually, to plan a wedding spends around a year. I spent 9 months organizing our. 

To choose the date, we already had in our mind two things:


1) Season: We wouldn’t want to get married in the summer. Porto Alegre is very hot in the summer and this would be hard for the guests, mainly for the men with suit and tie.

2) Holiday: We wouldn’t want to married in a holiday. We wouldn’t like to break the holiday plans of the guests.

We decided to married in October, because in South of Brazil in this month is spring time and we would like all the guests feeling comfortable in their suits and dresses. 

As we have many friends abroad Brazil, we chose to do the ceremony on a Friday, for the guests can enjoy the rest of the weekend looking around the region. Another reason was that most of weddings happen on Saturday, so we would want be different.

The chosen time to start the ceremony at the Church was at 9pm, for two reasons: 1) guests who work could reach in time; 2) the later is the ceremony, more elegant is the marriage, this things combine with our chosen church and party salon.




You need to think what kind of ceremony and reception matches with you profile. Modern, tradicional, alternative, etc. Outdoor or indoor? City, beach or farm? Club, hotel or party room? Church and reception or just reception? 

After answered this questions there are more:

1) If outdoor: You’ll need to provide covers in case of rain; 

2) How is the access to there? Do you need to provide transportation for the guests? 

3) Is there parking?

4) Is it a safe zone?

5) There is space enough for all the guests feel comfortable?


I always dreamed to married in a beautiful Church and in a  elegant salon. I’m lucky because Andrei has a tradicional profile too. So, we chose Santa Teresinha do Menino Jesus, as our Church to married. It is one of the most beautiful and traditional Catholic Church of Porto Alegre. It's inspired by the Renaissance temples, with murals of Aldo Locatelli and Emilio Sessa.

Also, it was a way to honor my grandmother Élida who was a devotee of Saint Therese.


For the reception, we chose Associação Leopoldina Juvenil, a very traditional club of Porto Alegre. And as people say, Leopoldina Salon is the most beautiful salon of the south. It’s decorated by a german architect with art nouveau style. There is cover parking and it’s located in a safe neighborhood, close to good hotels and restaurants, and easy to arrive from the church until there


There isn’t a specific rule, as I said in the first post about wedding, you need to stay true to yourselves.  

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