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When it comes to business and travel it is without doubt the favorite of successful executives and global citizens. Tumi's heritage of design excellence is one that appeals to the world's most sophisticated and demanding consumers who choose only the best internationally known brands to complement their unique travels and lifestyles.

Andrei, my husband is fond of this brand! So when I don't know what gift to choose for him, I go to Tumi! And I always hit the target! Here in Miami I usually go to Tumi store at Dadeland Mall and I'm delighted with the products. The suitcases plus super functional, are beautiful and elegant. Who travels a lot understand how important the quality of the suitcase and the internal space. I confess that when I'm in the departure lounge always look at the people’s carry-on and if it is Tumi, I think “hmmm here we have a smart person”.

Backpacks, lap top and tablet cover, all travel accessories are designed to uncomplicated and upgrade all aspects of our life on the move. Also, you can add your Monogram on all products! I think it's a charm! I did it on the Andrei’s laptop cover.
























And you're wrong if you think the Tumi’s products are only for humans. The brand also has a pet’s line. After all, elegant people also have elegant dogs. I need to provide a dog immediately! 



























Recently, Tumi announced its participation in a new initiative meant to optimize the accommodation of carry-on bags in today's environment of constantly changing and increasingly restrictive carry-on bag policies. It’s really a good new!

Tumi, working alongside the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and leading travel solutions provider Okoban, will begin offering an optimized carry-on size bag intended to make the best use of cabin storage space and help streamline the passenger boarding experience. This new carry-on size of 55 x 35 x 20 cm (or 21.5" x 13.5" x 7.5" inches) is a new size guideline being adopted by the airlines that will help provide customers a chance to store their carry-on bags on board aircrafts of 120 seats or larger without the need to gate check. Tumi bags in this new size will carry a newly created IATA Cabin OK logo which will signal to airline staff that the bag meets the IATA Cabin OK optimum size guidelines and will be allowed on board planes on a growing list of airlines participating in the IATA Cabin OK initiative.  The new case will include Tumi's renowned engineered components such as an adjustable telescoping handle, smooth rolling wheels and Tumi's signature black FXT® ballistic nylon. This convenient compact wheeled case is designed to meet carry-on size requirements for both domestic and international travel as well as airlines joining this IATA initiative.

Each case will also have its own unique identification code that will further allow airline staff to validate that the travel case complies with the optimum size guidelines.

This new case will be available beginning Holiday 2015.


Oh, I can’t wait for it!!
















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