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As you know, I love to receive friends in my home. And, here in Miami that happens more often.

For some people it may not be an easy task, so it is important that you invite to overnight at your place only people you really like, and have pleasure in receiving (read more about this topic in my column about etiquette - here). Then, with little hospitality, and a few extra touches here and there your guests will feel at home.


1. Prepare yourself and your home!

It’s is important that you save time to be with your visits. For many guests the "self service" is understood as the visitor was messing up your routine. So, if you're too busy, with unavoidable commitments don't invite (except work commitments). Because, if the person wanted to fend for herself, she'd be in a hotel. 

Tidy up the house. Thoroughly clean the house or use this as your motivation to get everything in tip-top shape and off your to-do list. This can include getting rid of clutter, small house repairs, or that small redecorating project you've been putting off.


2. Food & Drink!

Forget the diet! There's nothing more annoying and rude to a guest coming in your home and you don't join him at meals, or even put it in your diet. That doesn't mean you need to stuff your face with food. Just a little aside to your diet, no one will die for it and your guest will feel welcome. 

Have plenty of food and drinks. Stock the fridge with the types of beverages and snacks your guest enjoys. The idea is to make it easy for your guests to grab a quick snack whenever they want.


3. Bedrooms!

I usually leave in the room a welcome letter with the wi-fi password and some information about the city, plus chocolates and a bottle of water,  that is renewed every night. It’s a way to make the guest feel special.

Make sure you have nice, clean sheets, plenty of fluffy pillows, and extra blankets and comforters. Sometimes sheets on guest beds can start smelling stale when they go unused so it’s not a bad idea to wash the sheets before your guests arrive.


4. Bathrooms!

Get new towels. Don’t let the guest bathroom be the repository for old, dingy towels. Buy some new ones to make your guests feel comfortable and at home. I always provide some amenities like make-up remover, body lotion, cotton, nail polish remover, wipes, shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, babyliss, flatiron, soap, toothpaste and others.


5. Tours, activities, restaurants! 

Have something planned for your guests. You don’t want to invite your friends to visit and not have anything for them to do. This could include a range of activities from a simple shopping day, a barbecue, a day at the pool, a walking in a park, a new good restaurant, a happy hour or a city tour. This doesn’t mean you need to pack their itinerary with fun-filled time together, just be thoughtful about keeping them entertained.


6. Kids!

Don’t forget the kids. If your guests include children, make sure you accommodate them, too. If you don’t have any children, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a game or two to keep them busy or plan an easy craft. If you and the children’s parents have a party to attend, find the names of a few babysitters that you can give to the parents. Don't feel like you need to arrange for the babysitter. The parents will probably need to discuss payment and possibly transportation.


7. Harmony & good mood!

Keep the harmony of the house! Be in a good vibe and willing to talk. Pay attention to your guest. Be kind. Wake up first and be the last to sleep!


So Babe, do you think it's easy being a perfect host? It takes a little talent. But after the tips above you’re ready to be a perfect one! 

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