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Recent surveys show that promoted professionals are those who have a deep knowledge of the functions to be performed and of their skills, also they have an assertive image, proper, which conveys credibility and trust. This image is built on a process and can not be imposed.

The image can be understood as all that the employer sees in the first 10 seconds you are with the person. It is the famous "first impression", which is extremely important because, as we all know, no one has a second chance to make a first good impression. This type of image is composed of 3 elements:

  1. personal hygiene: hair, face, nails, makeup. The employer will notice if the person passes an image carelessness, or on the other hand, the care of a healthy person, that is, for example, skin days, with neat hair;

  2. dress code: the way a person dresses. It will be observed if the person uses suitable, discreet clothing or use flashy clothes ... A tip to facilitate the ideal garment definition to use in the professional activity is in advance to analyze the characteristics of the interlocutors, the environment and local customs. If  it isn't possible, the most suitable is to use discretion and "common sense." If the company has to wear a uniform, it should always be immaculate;

  3. body language: in this sense will be checked how the person sits, how she walks, how she speaks, the way she greets others. A key aspect to be highlighted is the tone of voice to be used in speech speed equal to that of their interlocutor, thus ensuring the necessary harmony.


However, the personal image is only one element that makes up the professional image. This is compounded by the way the person behaves in the workplace: her relationship with colleagues, if she speaks loud, if she is ill-timed, if she is educated ... It’s about punctuality, secrecy, the ease of working in a team, humility, impartiality. All these aspects are the key to professional success. The person needs to have her brand and it is with this brand that she will be recognized, it is that makes employers want professional in their companies.

Remember that the personal image is part of your personal marketing and that it is done with clear objectives, positioning, commitment, relationships, knowledge, image, self-esteem and motivation.

The next Etiquette’s posts will discuss a little more about behavior in the workplace. Stay tuned!

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