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New York will be very busy in September. It'll be the scene of two major events and I'll have the pleasure of seeing both up close! The US Open ( Aug 31 - Sept 13) and the NY Fashion Week ( Sept 10 - 17).

So, it's fair to join tennis and fashion in this post!

I'm in love by outfits to play tennis. It was precisely why I started my tennis lessons six years ago. My Favorites are the models of the Stella McCartney for Adidas. They are modern, stylish, the cuts are different, and the fabric is super comfortable. I have some of them, and I love it!

So, as the US Open 2015 is right there on the corner and I can’t wait to see the outfits of the top men and women tennis players. I googled some outfits that leaked and will be used by the girls in this tournament. 


Maria Sharapova:

The following dress is confirmed as Maria Sharapova’s US Open 2015 outfit which comes with white/black very basic design. I didn’t like it. It’s so basic. Ok, whatever Maria wears is great, but they could have picked a better outfit. Where’s the creativity?


























Ana Ivanovic:

It seems Ana Ivanovic will be wearing the following dress of the new Adidas Adizero fall collection in the upcoming US Open series and also the last grand slam US Open tennis championship. I liked! The design are beautiful and the color are vibrant! I want one!






















Serena Williams:

All we know about Serena’s passion for animal prints. So, there are rumors that this will be her outfit for 2015 US Open. I'd rather not comment.




























Victoria Azarenka:

This charming and delicate pink outfit which comes with grey applications, probably will be her outfit. I  loved it too!






























Jelena Jankovic: 

I really hope she change it for another dress.


























Now is to wait until August 31,  to watch this fashion show on the courts.


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