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During my last trip to São Paulo, I had the pleasure to had a dinner at Maní Restaurant. And what amazing experience! 

Under the command of award-winning Chef Helena Rizzo ( Veuve Clicquot Latin America’s Best female Chef 2014) and her husband Daniel Redondo (Best Chef of São Paulo 2015), Maní is the number 5 among the 50 best restaurants of the world. Just for that, the visit is worth!


The name Maní comes from a native Indian goddess of manioc. Brazil’s most beloved root vegetable. 

Located in a sophisticated neighborhood, the restaurant combines the modernity with the traditional, in the food and in the ambience. At the entrance there is a long corridor welcoming customers to a dining room, blending minimalist whites, yellows and cobalt-blue tables with rustic furniture, Murano glass and Alpaca skin lampshades.


So, let’s talk about the food! Oh my Gosh, what a explosion of flavors! Who gets to combine codfish with chorizo? Helena Rizzo gets it!

We didn't have reservation so we waited around 60 min to have our table but, during this time we got to taste the bonbons (foie gras, guacamole and blue cheese) -  amazing mixture of flavors with a Veuve Clicquot to hamonize. 

At the table we tasted the polvilho (a light flour) bread, which had perfect texture, very crunchy.

The main courses were a juicy lamb with vegetables and cashew farofa, a crispy Lapsang Souchong roast beef and a delicious codfish with chorizo risotto ( curious and perfect combination). All of it with a very good Portuguese wine - Vinha Grande Douro 2011.


Just take a look and put this spectacular restaurant in your must to go list when in São Paulo!

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