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the color of 2016: rose quartz





















Recently, Pantone released the new color chart for spring/summer 2016, is the Blush Colors palette. The colors are very delicate and pastel shades and they refer simplicity, softness and romanticism.

I loved the explanation of Pantone's Executive Director, Leatrice Einseman. She said that "as the technology has become so overwhelming 24h a day, seven days a week, soothing and softer colors are required.” That's right, she wants to transport us through the colors of our clothing, accessories, objects and environments, to calm, quiet and delicate places to relax from the rush of our life.

And the bet of the season will be Rose! I'm suspicious because I love the delicacy of the rose, and the shade is inspired by the quartz stone, leaving it prettiest! The color can be used in clothing or in interior designs and matches with everything! Oh, and have you seen the new Iphone 6S comes with a rose shade option?! The "rose gold", that is, the color of the year! Super trend!



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