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The NYE is just around the corner and to celebrate it a beautiful decor makes all the difference. Here at home we always redo the Christmas tree with ornaments in neutral tones, such as silver and gold, and also prepare special ornaments in the same shades for the rest of the House and flowers to accompany and brighten the ambiance.

And, one of the most important items in the NYE decoration the dining table. So, I separated some tips to decorate it with elegance and beauty to start 2016 with a little glam:

- Choose the colors and from them start separating everything that will be used, the towel, the sousplats, the napkins and the dinnerware. All of these items must match each other, if the highlight of the table will be the dishes, then the rest of the things should be neutral to harmonize. If you choose to highlight the sousplats and napkins, the tip is to choose a theme to follow;

- The choice of the place where will be the dinner and the type of service also define the table decoration. Can be outdoor, in a balcony or patio or inside the residence and for each of the cases we're going to have a different decoration plan;

- After the definitions above, we can choose the flower arrangements, it is interesting that they are small and compact to not disturb the guests. Candlesticks and candles can also be chosen and they give a charm to more on the table.

Ready! So it’s time to celebrate the New Year!

Thank you for the support during this year and hope that 2016 be an even better year, with lots of love, good health, peace and gratitude. 

Below some inspirations for the celebration:

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