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Today's post fills me with joy, as it was the suggestion of dear follower, who accompanies me a lot on my Instagram account ( @li_olmos ). You can not imagine the importance that this interaction has for me! And, besides I have adored the suggestion, I believe the theme is perfect, for the first blogpost of 2018! So I want it to encourage you to get out of the comfort zone, to face challenges, to explore the unknown, to reinvent yourself! Well, you won’t have a new year with the same attitudes and thoughts as always, right?

My follower suggested me talking about BELIEVING THAT IS POSSIBLE, a quantum look at the life events. And immediately, I remembered some books that I read and that encouraged me to always believe, to pursue my dreams and to realize them! I found it perfect to introduce such a broad subject that will be explored throughout the year.

Who knows me the longest, knows that I love reading, I've said it countless times here! This was a habit I acquired from my Dad, thank God, since we were children he gifted us with books. We grew up in a rich library. Every book my Dad suggested always brought some teaching, a message, a hint, of what he wanted to teach us at that particular moment. I hope I can pass this habit on to baby Arthur! I believe a lot in the power of books. In addition to influencing the reader culturally, broadening the vocabulary, taking us to other dimensions and places, developing imagination and creativity, they have a transforming power! Books are capable of changing the reality of those who read them and teach us the lessons that we carry for life.

They say that we are what we eat, I usually say that we are also the books that we read! And, one of the most assimilated and integrated into my lifestyle, no doubt was (is) The Law of Success, Napoleon Hill. I read long time ago when I still lived in my parents' house. In a moment of my life that I was wishing to change, I was taken by an immense will to leave the comfort zone and fly with my wings all over the world. Then, one day, mesmerized by my father's library, that thick, white-red-orange book caught my attention. Summary of the story, in three months, I moved to another city, I changed my job, I changed my life! It was the fuel I needed at that moment.

So here are some very practical teachings that I learned from The Law of Success and which are important tools in the quest for success in all areas of life:

# 1 Master Mind: Create links with people with the same thinking profile as yours!

This is the first Law of Success, which the book reveals. All great men had to associate with other people to achieve their goals. Once everyone understood the interdependence, they sought mainly people who followed the same line of thought. So, according to Napoleon Hill, everyone worked in rapport with their partners. It means partners in business, in relationships, or in friendships.

Napoleon Hill asserted that the union of two or more minds generated a whole that was greater than the sum of the parts, which he called Master Mind. Alone, none of them would have succeeded. The book cites successful people such as John Rockfeller, Thomas Edson, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, George Eastman, Theodore Roosevelt, and others.

# 2 Set a Main goal.

All the people who realize their dreams have a main purpose clearly defined in their minds, often rich in detail.

A lot of people say they want to change their lives, but when they are asked what they really want, they don’t know to say it. They know they do not want to go the way they are, but they do not have a clear goal of where they want to go, what they really want to change. In the book you have a very practical and easy exercise. And I followed suit in that period I mentioned at the beginning, when I wanted to go out to pursuit my dreams. Write on a piece of paper your main purpose in one sentence. Put a deadline to accomplish it, and in the end, write that the universe will help you with the tools needed to achieve this project. Put this paper in a place where you can see it daily. I put it under my pillow and every night before bed, I read and thought it out. In fact, I was already in the habit of putting important things under the pillow, for example, in the time of school tests, I put the summary of the content there, because I thought that while I was sleeping the mind would assimilate it, rsss. Whether it makes sense or not, it always worked! This has the psychological effect of impressing the person's subconscious in such a way that it accepts that purpose as a motto, a project, a "plan" that will ultimately dominate its activities in life and will guide it, step by step, toward that goal .

# 3 Self Confidence!

Self-confidence is essential for anyone who wants to do something. We need to believe that we are capable of passing this energy into the universe. Of course, that in excess, it disturbs, so we must be intelligent and confident enough, even to accept that we will need the help of other people, to accomplish something.

# 4 Initiative and Leadership!

It is imperative to take over our own lives. Here I make an observation, take over means taking possession. Nowadays, a lot of people use the term empowerment (which I do not particularly like) meaning taking the reins, which is misused. Empowering means to give power to someone less fortunate than us, which is not the case here. We need to take over, take the initiative to take control of our own life, to leave the sameness and to take our life and business/life partners along that path.

Even though some people do not really have that leadership skill, it can be worked on and improved.

# 5 Imagination!

Think outside the box. There are a number of techniques for developing imagination and creativity, but the main point is to force yourself to change your routine of actions and thoughts and not be afraid to try new things. Open up to the new!

# 6 Enthusiasm - Living with Passion!

Many people seem to have a desire to change their lives, but they do not go forward. It's as if the fuel is missing. Enthusiasm is the fuel that moves men and women toward great achievements. Do not be shocked by people who throw buckets of cold water in your dreams. Do not listen them. Stick to your purpose, do not blur! In other words, do not let the shuttle go down. Be passionate about your main purpose, the one written on the paper under the pillow! This will arouse great enthusiasm to move on even when all conditions appear to be adverse. Release from SOUL and HEART.

# 7 Do more than the must - Be the point off the curve!

According to Napoleon Hill, and I super agree, there are two types of people who do not go forward:

1 Those who do not do what they are asked

2 Those who only do what is asked of them

If you want to excel in your area of ​​expertise, you need to create the healthy habit of walking the extra mile: always do more than are being asked to you, always do more than you are required to do. Otherwise, you will be just a middle person, just like so many others. Law of life, let us not be of the group of the mediocre people!

# 8 Attractive personality!

Be a nice figure, easy going, well presented. Nothing to do with beauty standards, please do not confuse! And, yes, with behaviors that make you a nice company to others. It's that old phrase that my father always says: "open your mouth and enchant!" And the books and manners contribute a lot to it! Diversify the subjects, be courteous, educated, have good manners. Do not ask too much, do not cross people's privacy. There are people who do not care about being nice, they are rude, invasive and monothematic. They are in their right, but for those who want to take their lives to higher levels, besides competence, it is necessary to be a pleasant company at least.

# 9 Focus!

Focusing is another essential law for anyone who wants to succeed in achieving the goals. We must learn to direct our thoughts only to the issues, facts, and information that will, in some way, bring us closer to our definite main objective. The goal is to proceed to deductive reasoning, only on the basis of facts that are proven to be true, of real importance, and that are useful in some way.

Very difficult nowadays, because much of humanity suffers from attention-deficit disorders. Also the new technologies and social networks offer us so many things, that each of them receives only a small fraction of our attention. The result is poorly done work, lack of focus, excessive sense of information, and a great sense of frustration.

The way out here is to train your own mind to think accurately. Meditation and the habit of dealing with only one thing at a time, with full focus, are useful for this type of training.

# 10 Failure!

Failure must be seen as a great ally. Each time we fail, we find a way to not accomplish that goal. We've cleared a path. All people who have achieved a great achievement in life have failed a few times before. It's like a baby learning to stand. He will fall as many times as necessary until he can get up and walk! And, there is the magic formula of success! We need to understand that there is no way to fail, only a way to learn how to not get there.

# 11 Tolerance and Patience - "Wave Surfing".

To deal with failure, with the limitations of other people, with the adversities that life imposes on us, it takes a good deal of tolerance and patience.

Always there will be things we do not want to happen. The secret is to let go, and accept that we can’t control everything and be tolerant and patient to go move forward.

When I lived in Brazil, I had a business coach and she used to tell me: "Liège, learn to surf the wave." And it was one of the biggest tips she could give me. Surfing in the wave means enjoying the whole journey, not just achieving the goal. The moment you accomplish the goal is very fleeting close to all the way you have to go through it. And it stuck in me. We can not condition our happiness only to the fulfillment of the goals, this condemns us to a sad life.

# 12 Do to others whatever you do to yourself - The Golden Rule!

We already talked about it here, in the posts about etiquette. This law is used in most of the religions and philosophies of life already created in the world. If it were really taken seriously, we would live in a much better world.

The moment we realize that we are all - living beings and the environment - a single interdependent network, that the idea of ​​myself as a distinct and independent thing is nothing more than an illusion, then babes, we have a great opportunity to free from limiting patterns. Treating others as yourself is an important step toward understanding.

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