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  • Liège Olmos


Next month will be my 33th birthday , but you would never know it by looking at me. I’m nowhere near old in age, but people often think that I am considerably younger than I am.

I've been taking care of my skin since I was a kid. My mother always taught me to care about it and in our home we've always fed healthily. Then, this organic vibe isn't news to me, and now I'm reaping the fruits of always having a healthy, disciplined life without being radical.

Lately some people have asked me what I do to keep my face skin young and beautiful. So I’m going to share with you my face skin care.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that each skin is different and what is good for mine, maybe not be good for your. So, I encourage you to talk with your dermatologist to find the most appropriate treatment.

So, let me introduce you to my best friends:

* All these products have been recommended by my dermatologist in Brazil. Now I'm looking for a dermatologist in Miami to continue monitoring my skin!

1) GO 360 CLEAN - L'ORÉAL: deep facial cleanser for sensitive skin! I use when I wake up and at night;

2) RETINOL CORREXION DEEP WRINKLE DAILY SPF 30 - ROC: every day after to wash my face;

3) KLASSIS FPS 20 UVA 6- THERASKIN: in the morning to lighten some sun spots;

4) RETINOL CORREXION EYE CREAM - ROC: in the morning and at night every other day to reduce puffiness;

5) BB AERA-MOUSSE FPS 30 CAPITAL SOLEIL - VICHY: every single day after the creams above;

6) TRIPLE OXYGEN INSTANT ENERGIZING EYE GEL - BLISS: in the morning on days when I don’t use the ROC Eye Cream;

7) KIARITÁ - THERASKIN: every other night. It’s a skin lightening;

8) BENEFIANCE WRINKLE RESIST 24 EYE MASK - SHISEIDO: always that I have an event to be radiant;

9) EYE MASK: always that I have an event to reduce puffiness;

10) TOP SECRET: CINDERELLA EFFECT: 15 min before I put on my make-up when I have a important event, I spread one egg white on my face and leave it for 10 min. After, I wash my face and I’m ready to make-up! It’s a power lift effect.

Something else that contributes to my young skin is the fact that I don't wear a lot of makeup during the day. I only use mascara, blush and lipstick. So my skin breathe and heavier makeup I leave to the events.

I look younger than I am and I utterly love it! It’s up to me, It’s up to you!

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