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  • Liège Olmos

I love your shoes!


"I love your shoes!”

“Nice shoes!”

“Where do you buy your shoes?”

I've heard often that kind of comment, since I arrived in Miami. It is common people coming up to me on the street and ask me about my shoes! And my answer is always the same: “It's from Brazil!”

As we know the Brazilian’s shoe are globally renowned for its design, its quality, its sophistication and its comfort. From sexy stilettos to charming flip-flops, Brazil is the best when it comes to women's shoes.

Classic, simple or bold, made of exotic leather or colored plastic, Brazil’s shoe industry, already the world’s third largest, wants to go even bigger.

In a country with more than 200 million people and a growing middle class ― with plenty of access to credit ― Brazil’s shoemakers control the vast domestic market. But now they want to spread beyond the borders of the emerging power.

Brazil exports its shoes to some 150 countries, with the United States, Argentina and France the top destinations. It focuses mainly on the intermediate market in terms of quality and price.

It is sold mainly to foreign shoe brands and sold under their labels ― but little by little exports under Brazilian labels, including Arezzo, Schutz, Capodarte, Azaleia and Via Uno are increasing.

The Havaianas and Melissa are great examples of Brazilian’s renowned shoes. Both with his relaxed, comfortable, fashion and colorful style conquered the international market.

Imitated around the world, the Havaianas were inspired by the flip-flops worn by Japanese immigrants.These plastic flip-flops were used by the poorest classes in Brazil, but 50 years later, they have become for everyone. Today, Havaianas earns 24 percent of its revenue from overseas sales.

Created in 1979, Melissa sells its colorful plastic shoes in more than 100 countries. Its designs are more elaborate ― the brand has collaborated with designer Karl Lagerfeld and architect Zara Hadid ― and includes high heels, some adorned with hearts or red lips. I love it!

Check out my summer essentials on my recent trip to Brazil. They'll add instant glam to any outfit.


What's about this high heels pump? Simply divine! Schutz is my favorite brand. I utterly love!


Arezzo, one of my favorites brands. Look at this high heels sexy sandal! Prettiest!


Flats are a summer must. In a multi-color style, they'll go with almost all. Dumond

The next two are so glam and cute handmade embroidered flats. I didn't know Bem Me Quer brand but I fell in love at first sight.




What Can I say about this embroidered manually black & white sandal? Speechless - Idarrô


Super cute, I couldn’t resist! Vizzano Flats

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