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How about having a class of Art Deco Architecture walking through the world’s largest concentration of Art Deco buildings?

This week a friend and I did this tour and we had a historical and cultural morning in Miami Beach!

We really enjoyed this walking tour. Our guide, Francisca, was an excellent host. She took us to private rooms in hotel lobbies where famous people from the past entertained guests and had parties and were so discreet that the other hotel guests had no idea that they were there. We were able to get into and view many places that the casual walker wouldn't have been able to experience.

During the tour Francisca told us about Barbara Baer Capitman. A very special woman of that time. A visionary! She was the responsible to save the Art Deco buildings. In 1976, she formed the Miami Design Preservation League - MDPL - the world’s first Art Deco society. This association is formed by a group of volunteers.

Through the efforts of this volunteers, the MDPL began the task of educating Miami Beach about the splendid resources hidden within. The guided walking tours are a way to create awareness of the historical significance of 1920s, ’30s and ‘40s architecture, and how this legacy could be used to generate economic recovery.

So, if you want more information about the guided walking tours, click here and enjoy!

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