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  • Liège Olmos


A cool and fun way to see Miami is renting a bike!

Here in Miami there are about hundred bike stations located in many parts of the city, including Miami Beach.

The bikes are part of CitiBike Program which is operated by DECOBIKE LLC. To learn how it works, click here!

Last Sunday, I decided to try out this bike experience and rented one at Mary Brickell Village, near home. The bikes at this station are in perfect condition.

Then, I went by bike to Miami Beach to take advantage of the sunny morning and returned the bike to Brickell - around 16 Km. It was a relaxing ride. The day was gorgeous and my husband and I had fun and enjoyed to burn some bacon from Saturday night ;)

I encourage you to try it when you come to Miami! It’s simple, easy, healthy and fun!

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