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Is increasingly common, unfortunately, people justify the lack of kindness, good manners, courtesy, due to running routine, to lack of time, etc. OK, maybe I am a little picky, coming from a family where etiquette and manners were very valued and my sisters and I had classes, holidays, with our grandmother Elida! Yes, while our friends were sleeping all morning, we stood up early to learn how to use all the cutlery, their position on the table, to walk, etc. Not to mention the daily teachings of my parents. At the time, I didn't give a lot of value, but today I see it was a precious time. That prepared me for countless situations, including professionals, that could be a disaster, as they are for many people! Therefore, some situations still make me sad, other surprise me positively and others, I don't create expectation! :) I believe that basic education, comes from cradle and is developed throughout childhood, along with the formation of our character.

To know thank an invitation, attend a dinner, not clear a last-minute compromise-unless for important reasons (death, illness, accident)-, not to ask indiscreet, look in the eye, pay attention on people and not on your smartphone, be more real than virtual, are attitudes which have become luxurious article nowadays.

These are simple acts of elegance and delicacy, which do not lose time, but that make living healthier, lighter.

For these situations, not only I, but also, some friends have passed, I decided to write and share very short and basic tips, how to be kinder in our crazy world! After all, kindness results kindness!

One of the books that my grandmother used.

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