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Workshop: Women, Sustainable Leaders and Their Transitions.

Lost in Thought

I attended a workshop on Women, Sustainable Leaders and their transitions, promoted by Corpx Institute and taught by psychologists and coaches Valeska Martins and Menchi Lizarralde.

Where we were discussed the changes and transitions that women experience during their journey. More specifically, targeted those who have moved from their country to accompany their husbands. These women left their careers, their friends, their things to support their partners in search of a better life, of new opportunities, of new horizons.

Dealing with a unsettling transition may not be easy, but there are ways to keep your sanity intact -- and to turn the challenges into opportunities of growth.

For many women, it's the opportunity to reinvent themselves! To invest in a project that for various reasons was asleep, or launch to new challenges and discoveries. At the beginning, it will not be easy. There is a transition period, the resistance to change is natural to its full acceptance. After all, it is a strange country, another culture, other people. The mere fact of going to the supermarket and don't found our favorite brands, it's a challenge to be overcome.

There will be a period in which we will be standing by, until we figure out what we want for our life in this new country. And, Yes, we have the right to simply do nothing professionally, and still grow a lot in other aspects of life, and we have our busy schedule of activities, as much as the executives one day we went and we take vacations for a while!

In this workshop, I've known lovely women. People from other evolutionary level, with high thoughts. There, we exchanged experiences, share concerns, and we conclude that regardless of nationality, we are all going through the same phase, women in transition. And a world of possibilities is opening up, well ahead of us! What to do? Enjoy it!

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