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OLAPLEX is a product which promises to protect the hair during chemical procedure, avoiding excessive dryness and the breakage of the strands. 

Who introduced me to this super beauty ally was Dafne Evangelista, my “Fairy Hand's", as I call her. Dafne takes care of my hair here in Miami. She is, in addition to great professional, super nice people, fun and serves everyone with the greatest delicacy. The same goes for her amazing team.

Well, going back to the OLAPLEX. The full treatment is composed of three steps. Two professionals and one that can be used at home. 

The step number one is OLAPLEX Bond Multiplier No. 1 used directly into lightener or color after mixing in developer.  After rinsing haircolor, is time of the step number two: OLAPLEX Bond Perfector No. 2 for a minimum of 5 minutes before rinsing.

The number three: OLAPLEX Hair Perfector No. 3 is to be used once a week at home, to strengthen the hair and act as a pre-treatment between visits to the hair salon. Its use ensures shiny and healthier hair.

I’m in love with Dafne and OLAPLEX! My hair is more shiny and strong.

You can find the OLAPLEX No.3 on the Amazon website or direct with your hairdresser. But, it just will work if you do the whole treatment often. So ask your hairdresser about Olaplex and get ready to shine!

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