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This is for fashion design lovers! Have you seen the Louis Vuitton's furniture collection? It was launched in the first half of this year, the Objets Nomades. It's  amazing!

Altogether there are 16 pieces from a hammock to a folding stool to a solar powered lamp, all done with sophisticated materials and in a very limited edition, unique! For those who still don't know that Louis Vuitton also sells furniture, the design line brand is created in partnership with big names of international design, since 2012, and is always presented first at the Milan Design Week.

But back to Objets, the inspiration was sought in life who's always on the road. Then, the pieces are a blend of practicality with the creativity of its designers invited. Among those designers are the Campana's brothers (those who created the super cute armchairs of Teddy bears), famous Brazilians designers. Campana says that the pieces are made for those who run away from the day-by-day and get, during their lives, see visual poetry in the vicinity. The highlight of them in this collection is the Maracatu (remember the typical party wigs of Pernambuco), a portable Cabinet made with leather and tapes that can be hung anywhere and with the convenience of folding to upload wherever you want (I need it!).

Let’s take a look at some awesome pieces! 




















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