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From Paris to NY, Riccardo Tisci was responsible for a memorable show at second day of the NYFW. And what a show! 

Even before it happened, was already the runaway more commented and expected of this fashion week. It was a big deal when Givenchy announced it'd be showing in New York instead of Paris this season, to celebrate the opening of its massive NYC flagship. The buzz grew exponentially when the brand announced that the show’s audience would include over a thousand “real people” — 820 tickets were given away to the public via this site, including 280 tickets for local fashion students and 100 for locals — plus top fashion editors and other fashion people who would normally gain entrée, like the couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Steven Tyler, Nicki Minaj and more.

With September 11 as the date, the stunning sunset and the Hudson River as the backdrop, the art director Marina Abramović created a touching atmosphere with a soundtrack that mixed mantras from six different religions sung by a monk, the night moved all the guests.

On the catwalk as a continuation of Givenchy's past shows, heavy facial jewelry in the form of bridge piercings, gold trim, and ornate versions of those moisturizing sheet masks by Pat McGrath, decorated the mugs of a series of models. The makeup was heavily influenced by ‘90s. Helmut Lang minimalism and old-world lingerie. 

Draped in silks and lace in a palette of black, white, and nude, the clothing painted a romantic — but reverential — picture of quiet at-home glamour. The Givenchy’s ready-to-wear was inspired by the New York woman, focused on career, modern and sophisticated.

On time, Tisci’s said that his choice by New York is a way to say thank you to America, because the United States was the first country to believe in him. So kind!


Let’s see some of this amazing show!


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