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The best show at Couture Fashion Week 2015, the acclaimed Indonesian designer Diana Putri presented her latest collection for her Diana Couture label at and she was awarded best designer of this season. And what a show! Impeccable, luxurious and stunning!

Established from Diana Putri’s passion for fashion, Diana Couture was launched 7 years ago and has grown to be one of the most successful couture brands in Surabaya, Indonesia. The company’s clients include A-list Indonesian, Chinese and Korean socialites and celebrities.

She is known for her distinctive use of both elegant and daring concepts balanced in couture designs. Diana Putri herself is an A-list designer in Surabaya, Indonesia, and she is now looking to expand to a more global market.

The collection is entitled “Garuda”, inspired by the Garuda bird, symbol of the official philosophical foundation of the Indonesian state. The mythical creature, possessing exceptional agility and force, reflects the fierce nature of this collection; designs for a strong woman. However, the Garuda bird’s fierce attribute is balanced with its famous majestic and elegant copper-toned feathers. In this collection, Diana Couture strives to convey the versatile majesty of the Garuda bird through various techniques including the use of brocades, embroidery, and the innovative use of laser cuts. The goal is to balance a chic yet fierce collection inspired by the Garuda bird in a modern implementation.

I utterly love it since the first look!



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