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A fashion show expressive, conceptual that did the guests reflect. It began with the Yin & Yang , exposing the duality of everything that exists in the world and took us to a whole colorful world.

Cheng Hao is the couture label named after the designer. He is one of the top talented designers in China, a member of Chinese Fashion Designer Association and the winner of 2013 New Look International Sichuan Brocade Design Competition. His collections have been shown on the China International Fashion Week, the Shanghai International Fashion Week, the Chinese Young Designer Fashion Week and the Chengdu-New York International Fashion Week yearly.


In 2009, Cheng Hao set up his fashion company and his couture studio. The designs carry forward and draw inspiration from the Chinese traditional culture which is then depicted through its contemporary garments. As a Chinese designer, Cheng Hao aims to promote Chinese original design concepts and to shake off the impression of " Made in China" he is also intent on establishing the image of “Design in China”.


In 2013, Cheng Hao launched his RTW label “干士”, followed by his first collection which was shown on the Shanghai International Fashion Week, and gained the new creative brand title 。His label “干士” has similar pronunciation as  “Guys” to express the idea of the creations, which has no clear definition of women’s wear or men’s wear, instead suitable and contemporary are the main concepts. The label aims to empower the wearer’s self esteem, to express who we truly are and to create a wearer’s individual image.  The garments often reveal one’s self value and express an individual life style.



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