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On Monday, Labor Day, we did a power walk through Central Park, to burn some of the calories of the night before. Every time we were in NY, this was the first, in the summer, so we can see the lakes, the grass impeccable, the different landscape. The other times it was all covered of snow and the lakes were frozen. However, I don’t know which landscape is the prettiest!


























As Andrei was hungry for a juicy meat, we had lunch at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse. Guys, we ordered a dish that would quietly for 3 or 4 educated people, and there was just Andrei and I,  LOL. We had a Porterhouse, middle rare - obvious, 48 ounces (huge), accompanied by German potatoes and grilled asparagus with a Malbec. It was worth it! But after, we slept all afternoon. Perfect!! Wolfgang's-4 Park Avenue.



































For dinner, we chose a French cuisine! The Brasserie Les Halles. Super recommended, charming, a typical French bistro. My mother-in-law chose a entrecot with french fries and gorgonzola sauce, Andrei had a lamb and I, a duck. Magnificent!  For dessert, creme brûleè. All watered by a Burgundy. Les Halles - 411 Park Avenue South (at 29th St.)


It was a wonderful weekend, could not be otherwise, filled with good restaurants and New York backdrop! The best is that I'll be back next weekend for more events! 


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