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Among all the cities I know, Munich is one that most impressed me for cleaning, traffic signs, education and security, especially in the metro.

In the Munich metro there are no roulette wheels to pass the ticket. You simply purchase the ticket at the shop or on the machines and wait for your train, without having to validate it in Roulette or show someone. And, all buy a ticket! In addition, stations and trains are very clean and safe!

So, let’s talk about other charms of this city that I loved and I want to go back soon!

I spent 10 days exploring the region. Much more than Biergartens, sausage, sauerkraut and pork knee, I found in the Capital of Bavaria, a cheerful and friendly people.

I went in early spring, yet it was cold, but the days were sunny and beautiful. Except, on the day I visited the Dachau concentration camp, that gray day and with a little and cold rain, which contributed to the atmosphere of the visit.


The heart of the city is the Marienplatz. The suggestion is to book a hotel in this region. A huge Plaza, where the Neue Rathaus, imposing Gothic-style building, which hosts the Town Hall. At the top of its Tower, a special watch, with dolls that dance, when the clock has ringed at certain times (11:00am, 12:00am and 5:00 pm).


Right near the square, is the Peterskirche (Church of St. Peter), the oldest in town, built in 1158. Up in the tower. I assure you, this is the most beautiful view of the city.

Following that way, you find the Viktualienmarkt, a square full of stalls of local producers, who sell crafts and typical food. Impossible not to love! It’s the true Munich experience. The tip is to buy food in different groceries, grab your beer and share the table with the locals, without time to leave!


Another interesting place to meet, is the Frauenkirche, Munich Cathedral. Built in 15 century, with a huge right foot and an intriguing legend! At the entrance there is a footprint on the ground. Legend has it that a footprint of Teufelsschritt, the devil. He was there to knock down the building, he directed the wind against the Church, but he didn't have much success – they say that it is possible to hear this wind circulating out there-I didn't hear nothing, thank God! hehehehehe


And, since we're in the land of beer, we have to talk about one of the most important of the 6 Munich breweries, the Hofbräuhaus. Founded in 1589, by Duke Willian V, Duke of Bavaria, to his exclusive use, the Hofbrauhaus is Munich's oldest brewery and one of the most famous in the world. Only in the 19th century was opened to the general public. Since then, it is estimated that about 4 million people sit at its tables, every year. In 1920, the Hofbrauhaus also was the scene of one of the first Nazi manifestations. They say Hitler was speaking there.

Is a traditional place, with several halls, big tables, delicious food and music. I was so excited and I went up on stage to conduct the Orchestra, heheheh.

The other 5 breweries, also worth a visit: Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, Spaten-Franzi.


Also, speaking of beer, but in a scenario that involves nature, a delicious ride is the Englischer Garten. A huge park, larger than Central Park in New York, and with a super attractive: biergartens. There, at summer and spring time, is the point where you will find all kinds of citizens of Munich, in addition to tourists, gathering at wooden tables to drink beer and picnicking.


I visited the imposing square, Odeonsplatz with historical buildings such as the Feldherrnhalle, built in honor of the Bavarian army. The construction in arcos meets bronze statues of some army generals and two famous Lions growling. One of them towards the Theatinerkirche Church, which has a facade of yellow coloring and was built in Baroque style, in the 17 century. The other one is towards the Residenz, a palace built in 1385 and where lived the dynasty that ruled Bavaria until 1918. There, today you find galleries and important concert halls. In fact, I loved visiting the Palace. I was impressed with the decor, I found until quite daring for that time. Vibrant colors like yellow, turquoise and red mark the walls of the Chambers. A mixture of Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Classicist.


Another Palace that is worth knowing, but with time, is the Schloss Nymphenburg. A baroque palace, built in 1664, which served as a summer vacation residence for the Kings of Bavaria. In addition to the classical building, you can also visit the gardens that surround it and some museums that are in the complex. Beautiful!


Not only beer, history and culture live Munich! The stores are wonderful! And, as everyone knows, the quality of German brands is unquestioned. The Neuhauser Strasse and Kaufinger Strasse are the main shopping streets of the city. Be sure to explore the Hirmer, Germany department store, is huge! The griffes are at the Maximilianstrasse and Residenzstrasse streets. Full of glamour and elegant cafes. A delightful ride. Then, save a day for shopping.


For the car lovers, the BMW Museum is a must go. The Museum tells the story of BMW-Bayeriche Motoren Werke – which means engine plant in Bavaria. Initially, when founded, in 1916, BMW produced aircraft engines for the military during the two great World War. With the end of the war, was banned this manufacturing, so the brand went on to produce cars and motorcycles. Cross the footbridge and meet the BMW Welt - world of BMW, is a showroom where are all the models manufactured by the brand. The building is super modern and high-tech.


Around the corner from there is the Olympiapark. Complex built for the 1972 Olympics. Currently is used for events, concerts, and its pools are open to the public.

A little further away from the city, is the home of Bayern Munich and 1860 München, the Allianz Arena Stadium. An icon of modern architecture, opened in 2005.


This is Munich, a cheerful, colorful and charming city! With attractions to suit all tastes. In the coming posts, I tell you the other Bavarian cities I've visited and worthwhile, because they're very close to Munich and you can go by train in the morning and return late afternoon.

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