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Last Thursday was Andrei’s Birthday. We decided to celebrate at Toro Toro, the number 1 restaurant according to Trip Advisor’s ranking, with a certificate of excellence in 2014!



























It was quite an experience, especially for us gauchos, lovers and connoisseurs of good meat! For us food is much more than a simple meal, it’s a celebration, and we found it at Toro Toro!

The acclaimed Chef Richard Sandoval brought his latest concept all the way from Dubai and Tokyo to  Inter Continental hotel, Downtown, Miami.

Toro Toro offers a twist on the contemporary steakhouse experience, artfully blending Pan Latin flavors and creative sharing plates. Sample his unique spin on South and Central American ingredients and flavors as you taste your way through an array of hot and cold plates, steaks served a la carte and savory side dishes meant for sharing.

































The ambience is fancy. There is a DJ playing a perfect playlist of sultry downtempo lounge, the light is low, the service is very personable and the wine menu is fantastic. 

So to start our event, we chose a bottle of Artemis, a Cabernet 2012, of Stag’s LeapWine Cellars, from Napa Valley.
























Our starters were a yummy mac & cheese with chorizo - I’m a chorizo lover - and a pretty delicious asparagus & broccolini with special spices.






















For the main dish my choice was an awesome Seco de Cordero - lamb shanks with yogurt, cucumber, rice and apple salsa criolla. Simply the best choice!

Andrei had a very juicy 14 Oz Prime Ribeye with baked potatoes. And it was fantastic!



























And what about the dessert? OH MY GOSH!!!!

We asked for LA BOMBA!!! It’s prepared tableside! A delicious chocolate bowl, with fresh berries, dulce de leche and strawberry ice cream, cream cheese mousse, almond cookie crumbs, edible flowers and caramel, vanilla and berry sauce. No comments!!! Just take a look at the video! OMG! Very yummy!












































































We’ll be back asap!



InterContinental Miami

100 Chopin Plaza, Miami FL 33131



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