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Today the HOME & DECOR column brings tips to decorate the most intimate part of the house: the master suite. It must be practical and organized, and at the same time, it needs to be cozy and romantic for the couple having great moments there. To optimize the space and to create a romantic atmosphere are key points. As this is the ambience of intimacy for the couple, to design it is need to get references according to the personal tastes of each, so the ideal is to get something more neutral.

It is very important to delimit the space of each. To keep closets, drawers and dressers well organized avoids confusion and unnecessary waste of time on a daily basis.


The choice of bed is essential, must be comfortable and in the right measure. The bet is on several models of headboards that can be used, such as: wood panels upholstered or another type of material, and even custom stickers.


On each side of the bed the tip is the use of bedside table, which can be in different formats and sizes. The important thing is that each person has a furniture available, to put a book, cell phone and some other object. Next to this you must have lighting, according to the needs of the couple and, if there isn’t space, the installation can be made on the wall. Don't forget to install energy outlets on both sides, so that they can both recharge their mobile phones or other devices at the same time.


If the room doesn't have space for a walk-in closet, so the wardrobe, as well as organized and properly separated between her and him side, should be compatible with the size of the environment. A built-in piece with sliding doors save much of the room.


The wooden panel is a widely used alternative in this space. Usually, it aims to match the furniture and to turn the decor more elegant. Also, it is used to put the television and other electronic devices.


For small rooms, mirrors and lighter colors extend the environment.


It should be remembered that, from the moment you decide to share a room with someone, you have to be willing to give up certain interests and individual tastes, in time for decoration. Then, the ideal is to enter into agreement with your partner to decorate in a manner pleasing to both.

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