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Some of you are asking me the secret behind my glowing skin. Honestly I believe that healthy eating and healthy habits are the key of everything. But, a boost of the cosmetics' world is always welcome, right?

So, here’s my secret: MAC Strobe Cream  - Hydratant Lumineux. 

This is amazing! It's hydrating, non-oily, lightweight and absorb quickly. 

You can use as a moisturizing, as a highlighter after foundation routine or like me, just applying in some points of your face, to highlight them.

I use to apply it after the foundation, as a highlighter on my high points: the highest points of my cheeks, the bridge of nose, my cupid bow, chin and the highest point of my forehead. Caution: you only need to apply a little bit of the product. Otherwise, your skin will be very shiny and it won't be cool!

MAC Strobe is very light-weight and absorb quickly without any greasy feelings. It boosts the look of dull skin and illuminates with iridescent particles. Its formula contains green tea, antioxidants and potent botanicals. All of this makes my skin pearly glow and fresh!


MAC STROBE CREAM - HYDRATANT LUMINEUX: 50ml - $33 (November 2015)

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