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The living room is the most used room of a house. Therefore, decorate with planning and awareness can help you achieve a more enjoyable space for family and guests.

It's important to choose your style: modern, contemporary, classic, youthful, hip, among others. In the modern living rooms you can use furniture with wooden feet, mirrors on the wall, pots with plants and cheerful colors. For a contemporary living room the tip is using a piece with differentiated design. Classic room-style the canvas with classic frames, antique furniture and curtains are the bets. And, finally, if you want a youthful room you should abuse of the colors, fun and unusual decorative elements.

If the the living room space is small there are some tricks to improve the space:

-less is more, as said the architect Mies van der Rohe. The smaller the number of elements in the living room, lighter will be the ambience and it will seem larger;

-the ideal sofa is one that is proportional to the space in which it will be used. Before you choose the sofa is important to have in hand the measures of the room and from them to decide which one fits better. And, avoid using two sofas with three and two spaces, use only one and complement it with armchairs or Ottomans;

-avoid dark shades, prefer furniture in bright colors, to enlarge the room;

-mirrors are perfect amplifiers, they help propagate the light for the ambience. But stay tuned for the mirror doesn't reflect a uncomfortable view.

The lighting (always it) is very important in the living room, as well as its main function it can serve as decorative highlight. The lights can focus on a specific object, like a canvas or a sculpture, for example. Lighting fixtures embedded in plaster value the place, so invest in moulding and yellow lights to provide warmth.

Let’s go to the inspirations:

Living room with fireplace, plaster ceiling with crown molding, variation of neutral shades.


Small living room with sofa in L, neutral tones and use of space with coffee table and wall with artwork.

Modern living room with wide Panel of black and white lacquered wood, coffee table with stone and various pads.

Living room in earthy shades, with special pet space.

Youthful living room with striking colors and decorative elements.

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