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Today we'll talk a little more about lighting. It's one of the most charming elements of decoration, lighting is a key point to give the right mood for every type of environment. It can be inside the house, in commercial areas or landscaping, use correctly the light will interfere too much in the dynamics of the spaces, as well as in  the wellbeing of any person.


Types of lighting:


  • ambient lighting: it's the one that illuminates the space as a whole. I't's the central ceiling light, it needs to be stronger to illuminate the ambience homogeneously. This lighting can be through chandeliers and lamps ( embedded or not), they don't cause shadow and will illuminate the site completely;

  • spot lighting: limited to a particular place like a table, the headboard of a bed, reading area. They are auxiliary lights and can come through lampshades (are warm and can be used in any environment), spots (direct lighting), lamps (ideal for reading) and even pendants can be used;

  • decorative lighting: it is also punctual and allows to highlight a canvas or any other important object that is on a surface or inside a furniture. With this type of lighting is possible to create volumes and shadows, leaving more attractive decoration. Spots and embedded lighting are indicated for this type;

  • functional lighting: this is the one that will adapt to the home activities, such as kitchen and bathrooms. It is also used in hallways and stairways. It gives comfort and safety to the environments. It can be used embedded lighting or not, directional spots and even the use of points of light and underpinning on stairs.


In a next post we will talk about the temperature of the lamps for each ambience. Now take some inspirations!

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