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And today is the day to decorate the heart of our home, the kitchen. This environment has become over the years the center of our home. It’s no longer just a place where we prepare the foods, but also where we received family and friends to share more moments together.


There are various styles of kitchens, the most modern, high tech, with many colors and full of personality, the more rustic with a farm's atmosphere and many more. The important thing is to gather design and functionality to take advantage of the space.


First of all, we need to keep in mind when design the kitchen is the issue of "work triangle", this is a concept where all three angles correspond to three activities of a kitchen: sink or wet area, refrigerator or cold area and stove or hot area. This setting establishes the ideal distance between the points to ensure efficiency and comfort, and the total distance between the sink, refrigerator and stove should not exceed 6 meters. Of course for small kitchens we can put the three areas in a line.


Here, there are some tips to follow to reform and designing the kitchen:

- on the countertop between the stove and the tub is interesting to leave a minimum clearance of 40 cm;

- the dishwasher must be prepared along the sink, it will bring comfort in time to practice this activity;

- It's usual to specify the height between 50 and 70 cm between the countertop and the top Cabinet. The ideal height for the countertop is 90 cm;

- corner cabinets should have a retractor, for best opening doors. Try to never put drawers in the corners, this cause loss of space.


The choice of coatings demonstrates the personality that the space will have, the bet is to combine sophistication and practicality. For the cabinets has been fairly used the melamine laminate, glass with color, lacquer, inlaid or touch handles. Granite continues to be a good choice for countertop, but also, you can bet on the stainless steel countertops made to measure. The trend is to use islands (American style) and vibrant colors, like purple, yellow, green, blue, matching with wood.


The important thing is to find out what is your kitchen style. The blog helps with some inspirations.

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