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Who, nowadays, wouldn't wish a comfortable space, to solve all the tasks of both the work and the domestics? The Home Office is this space and it has become a lifestyle. It is necessary to have at home an Office, even a little, because it gives us the convenience to study, work, use the computer or simply manage finances, quietly.

Regardless of its purpose, to set up a home office some care and planning is required. An office can be built successfully on any corner of the house. Before thinking about the decoration, it is important to know what space you have available and what are the expectations for it.

In terms of furniture, the key parts summarize to a desk, a chair (comfortable and ergonomically correct), drawers and shelves. A carpet, also, can complete the space and bring more comfort and charm.

Ideally, the desk must have space to receive all the needs of those who will use, as free space for handling of papers, computer and printer. The table with glass top provides a cleaner environment and broad. It can also be flexible and fixed directly on the wall or in a panel, which frees space for chests of drawers and niches along the floor.

If the home office is next to the living room, it can follow the same decor of the environment. Or, also, can be camouflaged in space, for that you can create a space inside a closet/cabinet, so when you need to work it's just open the doors and find the Office.

Now I show some home offices to your inspiration! 

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