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With simple lessons for meditation and mindfulness, this app is gaining more and more space in the lives of the smartphone's addicts, and which would also need a moment to connect with themselves. The Headspace was created by a former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe, in order to make meditation available and more accessible to people.


The idea is to show that it was absolutely possible, even in the midst of all the busyness of everyday life, to find a quiet mind, if you have a tool for it. And He got it! The app has already been downloaded by 3 million people, around the world.

Recently, I started to try it. And I’m in love with the experience. It’s helping me to feel a little bit more calm, a little bit more clear and to find a quietness of mind.


Headspace is very user-friendly, with simple graphics and cool animations. The lessons are guided by Andy’s voice. The first module”, which is named Take 10, has 10 lessons (one a day), with 10 minutes of duration, each, and it is free. To move forward to the next levels the user can choose a plan and subscribe in it. The plans starting at $7.99 a month.


And, what about you? What are your tools to find a quiet mind?

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