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Recently I was there with friends to know this reviewed restaurant and I really liked what I saw.

Bâoli Miami is one of those places that combines high gastronomy, beautiful people, good music. It's the epitome of the South Beach experience that melds exceptional French Mediterranean cuisine with a whimsical environment set in a beautifully renovated space. And after your dinner, when night falls, the inviting restaurant revamps into a playground for the nocturnal.

Just for you know a little bit about who runs the investment, The Bâoli Group is best known for its exceptional restaurants and lounges in Cannes, France, which include Le Bâoli Restaurant, Bâoli Beach, and New York, New York. So, what else in the world combine with this concept? Miami, for sure!

Bâoli Miami, the first U.S. venue for the Group located right on the celebrated Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, is one of the area’s most sought-after destinations and a definite celebrity hot spot. Its signature weekly event, “My Boyfriend is Out Of Town” Wednesdays and exceptional resident DJ makes it a rising premiere destination for dining and entertainment in South Florida.


See below an appetizer of our experience there! It was a amazing night!













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