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friends at home: how to RECEIVE visits?



These are very basic tips, but when some situations below occur, They can annoy us and constrain us.

First, only invite to go to your home, people you would, genuinely feel pleasure in receiving. Yes, there's nothing more boring than to be in the company of someone out of obligation, especially in your own home. Of course, professional and political situations are exceptions and, we can instead go to a restaurant, or in the ballroom of the building, if you have one! 


I'm a believer in energy, I've seen my plants/flowers dry out after a visit, so, let's avoid having people with low energy who exhaust us in our home. 

Our home is our refuge, where we recharge our batteries to had out in pursuit of our goals. The lighter and healthier that environment, the better we feel. There comes a stage of life when we can afford to choose for whom we open the doors!


Welcome and attention must be given to the guest, to the conversation and to the shared moment. So do all the routine activities before the visitor arrives. There's nothing more frustrating than arriving for a visit while the host still has to go out and walk the dog, for example. This has happened to me countless times. And, although I love dogs, I went to sit down and talk with my friend, not to go down and wait for the puppy to do what it needs.


Organize the house, plan the menu, verify that you have enough beverages according to event (tea, coffee, lunch or dinner). If the idea is to order a pizza, try discussing the toppings to please everyone!



Regardless of how sleepy you are, or how many commitments you have next day, never ask than you for the guest to leave. Remember, you are the host, you have to be polite. This is unless you notify your guest before, that you will be pushed for time, in wich case the person will be prepared. Well, let's assume that the visitor is also polite and knows the time to go!!!


With these simple touches, your friends will love to visit you!






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