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Hello! In the previous post I talked about a very special room in the house: the master bedroom. So, today I’m gonna talk a about the closet. The sweet spot of 10 among 10 women and also include the men on it, why not?!

Depending on the area available for this space, we have small closets (just the wardrobe), walk-in closet (cabinets and a small circulation area) and the dressing room (a space especially for dressing). But in all cases the tip is: to take advantage of the space.

Before you plan the space you need to know exactly everything that will be placed on it. This is a good time to make a selection of clothing, shoes and accessories that are really needed. 

Once this is done, the cabinet is divided into: lower, upper and luggage locker. The clothes and the accessories must be within reach of the user's hands, on the part of the luggage locker are things that are not used on a daily basis, such as bedding, bags and hats. At the lower part is customary to place the pants support, drawers and shoes rack. The drawers are quite useful to put underwear, t-shirts, accessories. Can be made with dividers to better organize the content. The perfect shoes rack is that one made on shelves that slide, so you can always see all the pairs of shoes and the height of the shelf varies according to the type of shoe. Sneakers and flats don't need a shelf too high, for high heels and boots it is important to increase the height so as not to damage the shoe. 

At the upper, 2/3 of space is intended for the hangers and the remainder for shelves. To have a good functionality, this space should have around 60 cm deep.

Planning done,  it's time to take advantage of creativity. If the space is large, you can use armchairs, carpets to create a cozy atmosphere. Full length mirrors are the must have, and can be present in the doors of the cabinets. About the doors, they may exist or not. If you ended up by doors, choose sliding doors that will bring more space for movement and if you prefer to remove them, you can use sophisticated fabric curtains or just leave without doors (in this case, don't forget to keep your clothes organized).

I selected some good references of closets, for you! If you want other tips or suggest other issues just get in touch by the blog's email. See you!!!

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