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Hello! The blog will start a serie of posts with inspiration to decorate every room of our home sweet home!

As a business card of our decor, the lobby deserves highlight and style. There we must show our personality, our lifestyle, for, in the first place, welcoming our dear visitors. It can be big or small, but the important thing is to let it super receptive.

There are no rules to decorating your lobby, but a pinch of common sense always fits well. So, let’s go to the tips:

-place pieces according to the available size of the ambience. Very large pieces can obstruct the path and we don't want this;

-use colors, adornments, carpets that you really like and that match with your style, after all, the hall is the first impression your guests will have of your home;

-choose its perfume. A pleasant aroma diffuser will complement all the atmosphere of the room;

-there is a lot of furniture that we can use in a lobby. If it is small, the tip is to use a beautiful mirror (to have the feel of a larger ambience) and an elegant chandelier, and, depending on the space we can also put a sideboard. Now, if we have a great space, the hall can be more exquisite and cozy with wallpaper, landscaping, armchairs, tables, frames ...

-and, last but not least important, the lighting. We give preference to the use of light hot, it makes the ambience more cozy. Sconces beside the mirror, crystal pendant and a beautiful lamp to complement and give charm to the place.


To inspire you, here go some images to let your lobby more beautiful!

Elegant mirror leaning against the wall , sideboard and sconces Provencal style, neutral wallpaper, decorative objects, two garden seats and delicate vases with green foliage.

Aged pots , small crystal pendants, mirror in the whole length of the wall, imposing wallpaper and delimiters on the floor.

Wallpaper with stripes, imposing mirror, vintage sideboard, upholstered banquettes, lamp and decorative elements.

Ottoman upholstered, mirrored sideboard, decorative objects and circular mirror circular. 

Small lobby with trimmer on the wall, coating of white tiles. decorative items , flower vase and lighting spots .

Large entrance hall with upholstered bench, round table with Flowerpot, luxurious chandelier, Panel and vases with tall vegetation.

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