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We all know that Snapchat is a social media phenomenon. But what about how to keep education and manners in this social network where spontaneity is the key to success? Here are some etiquette tips for the “snapaholics”:


  • being spontaneous doesn't mean being rude. So, chew while speaking, yawn in public, lacking hygiene are still ugly;

  • there are times and places where a Snapchat is simply not a good idea, for example: in the middle of a serious conversation; In your job company (unless the culture company allows it); At the doctor's Office (it's embarrassing to see the face of the doctor prescribing the recipe and embarrassed by being filmed)

  • don’t be boring. Snapchat allows you to measure how much time elapses before the picture self-detonates. This is nice and all, except the timing mechanism brings out the narcissistic side of people with an inflated sense of self-worth in the worst way. Here’s the secret of life, guys: Always leave them asking for more;

  • avoid sending photos with more than 5 seconds. Unless the photo is worthy of a print, try not to send photos too long;

  • for lifetime movies, monologues, etc, use the You Tube;

  • nudes: I hope you know the consequences.


Snapchat is a wonderful app, but must be used properly. It is a very entertaining and interesting way to communicate with friends. And you may always adhere to your personal Snapchat style. After all, social media enables us to express ourselves how we’d like.

The suggestion is: Use it, but don’t abuse it.

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