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Christmas is love, union, life, magic, brightness, ..., LIGHT! The main Christmas decorations around the world are very bright and full of emotion to enchant people.

The Harrod's luxury and exclusive department store in London is fully decorated by the famous Christmas' lights. Its Christmas’ windows are always much awaited and this year the theme chosen is "Once upon a Christmas", to bring your audience to the world of fantasy and the universe of enchanted stories. Each store will bring this theme in your window, with luxurious red velvet curtains, lights, sets and many performances to entertain its customers. In the words of Alexander Wells-Greco, the Merchandising Manager of Harrods: "our customers are invited to become audience and enjoy the festive season concerts this year. We want to continue attracting families – children in particular. To achieve this goal, we modified the windows and created theatrical scenery perfect for the festivities, installed directly to the eyes of children ". And they're doing it! Thousands of people have passed through the store and checked out the decoration this year. Still, within the Harrods, each Department offers activities such as, the children's painting workshop inspired by the magical world of Disney.


Another great store, Macy's of New York, also rocked in its windows. The decor of this year honors to the 50's Birthday of remarkable Christmas special from Charlie Brown by Charles Schultz. There is music, 3D effects and each window tells a little story. There you can also find the characters in some of their appearances. I loved this picture, my favorite character was Snoopy, and what about yours? 

If you like that magical world, this is the right time to go through the Windows of the stores of your city, delight yourself with the lights and let the Christmas spirit to take care of your heart.

It’sUp to Me Blog wishes you a very special Christmas!

 Below a few clicks of Harrods and Macy's.


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