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The holidays are just around the corner and our calendar is already getting so full! Then, set aside a time to think about all those people who made our year easier and thank them in a kind  way.  Every year I care to prepare a little something for these people. I love giving gifts!

This year is even more special because it was my first year in a country different than mine. And, I was fortunate enough to meet so good people that took me by the hand in this process of transition. 

So, my gifting list is well underway! First of all, I provided my custom gift tags, as I do every year. I always do a tag for the couple (my hubby and I), and another just in my name (for those that do only part of my networking).  Below you going to see some images of my tags from the other years, too. The tags will accompany the traditional and delicious cookie sandwiches packed in beautiful Christmas boxes.


There are many options for Holidays' gifts. This was my choice for this year, did you like it? It's just a kind way to say thank you!


Gift ideas for your family and closest friends, are coming soon!


Gift tags of last years:

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