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The time when half bathrooms were simple rooms of a house , is over. Now the idea of decorated the guest bathroom has become a reality, after all, why have the other rooms of the house very well designed and a half bath without expression? 

A tip for decorating is to follow the concept of the nearby environments. This can be done using the design of a furniture, the blend of colors or any decorative object that resembles the other. But that's not a rule, the powder room decor can be bold and quite fine, but since that show the personality of its owners.

Mirrors is used to decorate and give sensation of amplitude, as we've talked a lot about it in other posts, so they are always welcome. So, the guest bath can be composed of several mirrors on the counter or even used it in all the walls, but remember to install it 90 cm above the floor, because it isn't interesting to reflect the toilet.

The lighting can also be explored, with pendants, wall sconces and spots, which may be direct or indirect.

We can abuse the coatings, use wallpaper is a good bet, custom wall stickers are also top trend.

Let’s go to the inspirations.

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