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How about putting a little bit of elegance and glamour in your Sunday? That is the proposal of the Champagne Brunch, at the Biltmore hotel in Coral Gables. In fact, Coral Gables is one of my favorite places in the great Miami, and no wonder it is called of The City Beautiful.

Imagine a dreamlike setting complete with exquisite, hand-painted frescos on barrel-vaulted ceilings, brilliant travertine floors, fine marble columns, intricate leaded glass fixtures, carved mahogany furnishings and lavish gardens. Now, put yourself in this Mediterranean landscape, combined with the lush vegetation of South Florida and enjoy a delicious Brunch, at the sound of pianos and Spanish guitars, in an ambience full of stylish and beautiful people.

Opened in 1926, the hotel Biltmore is until today a meeting point for people of American high society and world-famous personalities. Great Presidents as Franklin Roosevelt, European royalty, Hollywood celebrities and even gangsters such as Al Capone, were regulars at the hotel. Al Capone even lived there for a while.

So, let's talk about the Champagne Brunch! Delightful experience!

We booked with a long time in advance, because it's pretty hard to get. We were four people and our table was in the garden. Wonderful, by the way! The service is impeccable. The waiters are super attentive and friendly.

Champagne (not sparkling wine or prosseco, just to be clear, hehehe) never ends. As well as the Bellinis, Mimosas and Bloody Mary. The gastronomic stations are tempting. The island of breakfast, has everything you'd find on your breakfast table. I delighted myself the eggs Benedict, which I love!

My favorite station was the seafood! And I invested a lot of time there, hehehe. Super fresh, with many options, including caviar, crabs, shrimp, ceviche, octopus, oysters and so on. All very delicious. There is also an island of sushi and paella. Superb!

Save a little room for the Pasta station. I forgot and I could only taste half ravioli. But my eyes wanted to have tried all options of pasta and sauce, freshly prepared!

The orgy was such, that I couldn't even get on the meat station. Next time, it’ll be a mandatory stop, hehehe.

And do you think it's over? No! There are more two stations! An island of cheeses with a wonderful selection, and an other of dessert! Yes, a huge variety of mini desserts, including a chocolate fountain! As I love crème Brûlée, I had no doubts, and it was perfect, on point.


Below you can have a taste of our gastronomic orgy there! Definitely the Biltmore Champagne Brunch must be in your plans to Miami.

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