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It’s sunset, you are walking around Brickell and wishing a good and real beer. Don't think twice! Go to the Bistro Be!

This charming restaurant features more than 100 varieties available by the bottle, as well as eleven options on tap. You'll be delighted to know that all bistro staff will be trained in proper beer etiquette.

There you’ll learn that Belgian cuisine is more than mussels, frites or waffles, you’ll taste a blend of classic French cuisine with the German boldness. 

The service is another highlight of Bistro Be! There is an European approach. They don’t rush you! The waiters are friendly, attentive and discreet.

All these features create a pretty good atmosphere and you’ll wish to come back there.


I was there in a Sunday, to a happy hour, so I didn’t have dinner, I just ordered some appetizers to enjoy with my favorite Belgian beer - Karmeliet.

So, I chose blood sausage with a yummy apple sauce - I loved it! and Belgian frites cone, served with a homemade mayonnaise. Andrei shared my choices!





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