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Let’s continue designing, remodeling and decorating our House. A space that we must take great care and attention when decorating is the bathroom. There are proper measures for its environment that will provide us a comfortable and functional space for the everyday routine.


The entry doors standard measure is 60 cm, but a comfortable measure is 80 cm. Caution: this dimensions are not suitable for bathrooms adapted for people with special needs, in which shall be greater.

 50 cm is the standard measure for the depth, but this can vary according to the area and dimensions of the environment. Countertop height to be comfortable on average must have 85 cm from the floor. The maximum height of the upper edge of the floor-length mirror revolves around 1, 80 m. 

In the bathroom stall is indicated a 90 cm width so that the resident can move freely while soap, wash hair and wipes. 

Bellow I show you a draft with the standard mesures for a small bathroom.


















To decorate this place, the suggestion is to use soft colors to provide a good appearance and feeling of well being.

Divide the artificial lighting in two parts: the general lighting of the environment and that one directed the mirror (beard and makeup, especially). In the first situation, you can use incandescent or fluorescent lighting (you remember the posts about lighting?). For the mirror is recommended to use the incandescent light, since the cold light can change the way we see the colors.


Remember to install the basic bathroom accessories, such as: towel support, toilet paper support, mirrors, shelves for bathroom stall ... be careful not to break any pipe.

Speaking of mirrors, they are ideal to expand the space and increase the lighting in it, because the light reflects on it to every corner.


Bathrooms are made to be used for decades, is not common and not cheap to destroy and rebuild a toilet every time the fashion change. Let the look of it more neutral and use decor elements that can be easily removed and replaced.

Choose materials that are resistant to moisture. Avoid the use of porous coatings. In  the bathroom stall stay tuned in the choice of the floor so that it doesn't cause accidents at bath time, a slippery slope can cause a lot of problems that can be avoided.


Remember to take all the spaces, when designing the countertop, it is important to keep in mind everything you will need to use daily in this environment. Room for dirty clothes, objects and products for hair care, for example. The essential is to have a functional and practical bathroom! Daring and boldest design projects are desired in the half bathroom (for guests), where the usage is only for wash hands and toilet.

Let’s see some ideas!

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