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Looking to know more about the universe of yachts, speedboats and boats, that I love so much, I visited Miami International Boat Show! This year, the Greatest Boat Show in the World, which ended today (Feb 16), featured three locations —the Miami Beach Convention Center, the New Yacht & Power Boat Show at Sea Isle Marina and Strictly Sail® at Miamarina at Bayside—and featured more than 3,000 boats and 2,000 exhibitors from all over the globe. There’s no better place to preview the new boating season, and know a little bit more about this market!

























Of course, that the event is not so democratic, because the models range from $ 300k to $ 47mi, but, still, it's worth by the grandeur of the ride!

I was impressed with all the technology, structure, design and luxury that this universe offers! And even took a risk in choosing a model! After all, dreaming doesn't cost anything!






























































































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