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2016 just arrived and with it a loto of colors! We’ll have a colorful year in the interior design scenario. The neutral and solid colors remain but the vibrant colors and striking prints are back! It means that we can dare to decorate our home.

So, let’s go to the trends! Enjoy it!

  • Colors + Prints: the word is ECCENTRICITY. The colors will be more showy, incorporating colorful walls, finishes, lacquered furniture in vibrant tones, fun and unusual objects. The maxi-florais prints come very strong in this trend, suggest a tropical decor, cheerful and jovial with its explosion of colors. Still running the basics comes the Moroccan print, in a kind of boho chic style it is marked by cultural influences which makes a more intimate atmosphere;

  • Retro and Pop Culture: the old refrigerators are already on the rise, but this year they are very strong and accompanied by phones and other retro pieces, painted with bright colors to give charm to the home. Fun fixtures and other parts with a tone of humor show the playfulness of pop culture and suggest relaxation space can use without fear;

  • Industrial Style: Gray's time in decoration as well, accompanied by raw materials, like wood, and apparent pipes, bet that tonality with living hues such as yellow and turquoise. 

Be inspired by these tips and have a house full of energy, joy and life. But the most important thing is to feel good in your home sweet home!

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